Holy Patience

I while I, and aeons now My minute’d life. My crack’ed cup Holds water ’till It spills bold ‘gainst the wall. Phantom dreams come grasping forward Phantom dreams, and night, and pain But real dreams ne’er sung of failure — Real are made in proving true. I’d rather accelerate than linger How to accelerate than […]

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Nearly Fatal

Will we ever survive the damage? Will we ever piece back what was broken? Will we ever see the light in life, that we never really had? It gets so hard to hold at times ‘Though the pain brings with its due Celerity of heart and mind — White gold to nerve and sinew. I […]

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artist’s way.

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Horror is the mind speaking not from desire but fearful necessity. There are a thousand, million variations on the theme; but from within all modes rises a universal cry: “It is too much.” … Not coincidentally, horror is also the near universal reaction of minds when confronted with fragility. A fragile organ itself (powerful, complex, […]

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This is not the post I wanted to be writing. There are other things to write on. To explore. … But if there’s one thing that rings true of putting pen to pad it’s how—like prayer—you cannot write a lie and still be engaged in that same act. The moment before your volition takes inky […]

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…and other bullshit.

Better late than never. Is a rubbish proverb, I would opine. Reason the first: it ignores the painful reality that “late” almost always equates to “too late”. Reason the second: it gives the slothful blaggard (i.e. you and me, gentle voyeur) yet another means to stave off action in the now in favour of action at […]

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Velocity* matters. The above occurred to me while sipping tea and considering causal links between my self-loathing and unfinished projects. As a riveting sidenote, if I had a warm fuzzy feeling for each and every project I’d abandoned short of completion I swear I’d be the happiest man alive. But, no dice. Instead what I […]

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