“I need you to understand.” The grip of their hands on yours surprises you, and you glance down to see white intensity staining the backs of their knuckles. But it begins to make sense, the tone of their voice and that hard tightness in the air, foreshadowing eyes that pierce clean through your marrow & […]

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safe as houses.

We take our traumas and we live in them. We build tabernacles. Places to call our own. Safe within these walls, secure this time, perhaps. Am I? (home) . We take our wounds and we rest in them. We build weapons. Strength to call our own. Grasp the curse, claim the thorn, step into power. […]

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Anzac 2022

Amid the noise and triumph,Amid the sordid, political, elective wrangling,Past the unhonest, chicanic, newsrag kingmaking,Beyond the corporate interest, vested & hollow both,Let me, let thee, take pause in minute’d silence. Let us remember. Lest we forget.

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Dear God. I’m gasping. Gasping. Clawing for air, reaching from the deepest part of my chest as my bleary, oxygen-starved brain struggles wordlessly for relief, restitution, from the yawning gap that spans & penetrates my most intimate, viscerally-felt, and poorly understood self of self. I stand in the wreckage of unconscious pride, of adopted assumptions […]

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too quiet.

Thoreau was wrong. Nothing is quiet if you take sufficient time to stop and listen. Just ask post-Fafnir Sigurd walking through the woods if it’s bloody quiet. After he’s finished laughing his head off he’ll look you in the eyes with a terribly, terribly solemn gaze. He’ll step in close; real close, like he’s going […]

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our favourite enemies.

4 am. Soon. I watch my cat bathe his ears for what must be the hyperbole-th time. Scratchscratchscratch, lick paw, wipe ears, scratchscratchscratch, lick paw, wipe ears, scratchscratchscratch… There’s something melodic about it. Soothing. Which is just as well, I guess. Something ought to be. Soothed, that is. The jambled passageways inside me aren’t, that’s […]

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Confessions, p.13a

What are you on about, God? And what does it have to do with me? When I ask this, God, you know, and I know, I’m not being intentionally abrupt or impertinent. I just want answers, and I’m tired of not having them. Which, of course, we both know, is pretty unfair of me. It […]

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